Short Stories

Overlooked (2)

June 19, 2015



Jody Not Judy


As promised the next town was easy pickings, the Robin Hood’s wealth increasing many fold. Lon never imagined he would have so much money at one time and with the promise of more to come. With a few of his saved dollars, he bought himself some decent clothes with a grand hat to top it off. The cap he used to beg with was tossed into the trash, a sad reminder of his destitute past.

As the second town thinned out, they moved further south to another area, where the temperatures were warm and money flowed like honey. Ryan was careful not start plundering until he had carefully cased the town, making sure of the police patrols and security measures the merchants used. Some places were rigged with booby-traps to capture the careless; one such place had a shotgun rigged to fire once the back door was opened. The result would be quite nasty, Ryan elucidated, a terminal blunder to the unsuspecting thief. He was good at his job, making sure wagging tongues of the town revealed such dangerous traps; people did love to brag about their safety measures.

In one caper Lon was required to crawl through a small opening on the second story, Ryan carefully raising him from his shoulders. A normal sized man could not fit through such an opening but a small boy could. As predicted, a trip wire was set by the backdoor to fire off a shotgun. The wire was cut lending the weapon useless once Lon opened the door from the inside. It was a little scary at time but Ryan always gave specific directions on how to disarm these devices.

Lon and his boss stayed at a cheap hotel to divert attention; living high on the hog drew suspicion; men with money were always the first suspects to be considered by the police. Spending large amounts of money was another taboo; these were two of the many rules Ryan had, Lon following them without question or complaint. As long as Lon could buy a few things now and then, he was content to save the rest.

Lon’s sweet tooth generally got the best of him, his idle time spent at the fountain enjoying the fruits of his labor over a chocolate sundae or soda. Sweets were not the only thing he enjoyed; there were always young girls about the place winking at him and smiling. He was too shy to speak to any of them but enjoyed the attention, remembering the rule about sexual diversions. On the other hand, too much conversation would reveal he was slow; he didn’t want to make that fact in public.

Returning to the hotel after a bout of winking and smiling at girls, he heard a strange voice in Ryan’s room, a woman’s voice, not the cleaning lady’s. It wasn’t Wednesday so she wouldn’t be there anyhow.

“Mr. Cole?” said Lon, knocking at the door. “You okay?”

Ryan opened the door of the third rate hotel room and smiled.

“I’d like you to meet a new member to our group,” announced Ryan. “This is Jody.”

Standing beside Ryan was a dark haired woman with a creamy dark complexion, wearing a pink lacy shift smiling back at Lon. He was no expert but figured the woman to be somewhere in her twenties and very pretty, even better than the girls at the soda shop.

“We worked together a several years ago,” said Ryan. “A confidence scam until my sweet flower was wrongly apprehended and jailed, an unfortunate turn of events. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered her this early morning, picking a man’s pocket in the park, so smooth and talented, I might say. She’s pointed out several possibilities that should be explored.”

“Hello Judy,” said Lon.

“It’s Jody not Judy,” corrected Jody. She had an accent that was different from those around this part of the country. After some explanation he found out she was Creole, a mix of cultures and extremely attentive to Ryan; her hands danced over his body, familiar and suggestive.

“Lon, you go to your room, now,” suggested Ryan. “Jody and I have some planning to do.”

He wasn’t sure what they were planning but the couple made a lot of noise, Jody making several moaning sounds that were unmistakable. Sex had reared its ugly head in the partnership, a broken rule but not by Lon; things would be different with Jody, not Judy in the mix.

Lon was not adverse to the idea of sex, though he had nothing to base this experience on. He knew about it and even had a few inklings what might happen under the right circumstances. He avoided the association because he wasn’t very smart and thought women would mock him for being so stupid. His mother and father had taunted him about that while he was growing up; it was hard to break out of that pattern. Ryan also made it clear that women were trouble; they should avoid entanglements or their business might be jeopardized. Sowing wild oats might get them all thrown in jail.

Lon could have been disturbed by the arrival of Jody not Judy but Ryan was the brain of the group and beyond reproach. Since the woman and Ryan were such old friends, it made sense that they could bend a rule now and then.

Ryan planned a few minor robberies in the town, interspersed with bouts of noisy sex with Jody. When the couple began their heated sessions, Lon opted to go out, the audible sounds disturbing in ways he did not understand. The soda shops were closed so he walked the streets late into the night. It didn’t help; sex was on his brain every minute he paced the sidewalks, his imagination conjuring up all sorts of things. Eventually he would tire and return to the hotel, Ryan and Jody, not Judy, would normally be done with their screwing. There was always a chance of a rekindle of affections but the pair tended to sleep the rest of the night.

The week rolled on with little to show for their break-ins and petty crimes. Jody, not Judy’s contribution amounted to a few pocket watches and a wallet now and then. With this latest breach of the rules, Lon considered moving on and leaving the two lovebirds on their own, planning to tell Ryan after their next heist.

“I got plenty of dough,” said Lon. “I can live with this pretty good for a long time.”

“Just hold on my little independent fellow,” returned Ryan. “I’m working on a plan that will help us retire from our business endeavors. There are a few things I have to get and study before we tackle it but it will be quite lucrative for all concerned.”

“Okay, Ryan,” answered Lon, his regular response to most things.

Ryan was mulling something over in his brain, the thought of losing the slow-witted Lon disturbing. It wasn’t easy to find an accomplice who didn’t think too much or get greedy; Lon was perfect for the position, never complaining or asking too many questions. There was a chance the boy might start blabbing once he was on his own, a chance Ryan could not afford. An idea came to mind how to keep the boy close to home.

“I wonder if you could do me a favor,” said Ryan. “I’ll be away for a couple days and would like you to take care of Jody for me. I’ll give you a few extra dollars; take her out to dinner and booze too. You’ll have a marvelous time together, trust me.”

Jody not Judy had never paid much attention to Lon, which didn’t bother him since he felt awkward around most women. She was pretty; Lon couldn’t help but think about her in less formal settings, his fantasies providing some small degree of entertainment. To actually sit with her at a dinner table was more than he expected.

“Yeah, I could do that, I guess,” replied Lon. “I don’t think she likes me much, though.”

“Don’t be silly, Lon. Jody thinks you’re exceptionally cute; she told me so. She finds you a little elusive and likes that in a man. Why, who knows what friendship will blossom given a chance.”

Lon didn’t know what elusive meant but figured it had to be good since Ryan said it. He’ll have to see if he can find a dictionary and look it up. Then again, he didn’t know how it was spelled so it would be hard to find.



monster back*


“You want me to what?” said Jody, her voice raised in anger. “That retard is sweet but I thought you and I were exclusive, baby. Besides, I know I scare the shit out of that boy. Is this really necessary?”

“I need him for this last job before we vacate the premises. He may not be much but his loyalty is unwavering. Things might get rough; I don’t want you in the middle. If the robbery goes sour, Lon will take the fall, not us. Trust me.”


Standing in front of the small mirror, Lon shaved and brushed his hair, sniffing at his armpits to be sure he had no body odor; he’d overheard a girl at the soda shop telling a friend about a boy who smelled bad. That struck him as an important element when close to a woman. He even put on clean clothes and his nice new hat.


Exceptionally cute, he thought? That’s what Ryan said she said.


Watching himself in the mirror, he practiced his conversational skills, anticipating every possible subject; those were few and far between. Lon didn’t know much about current events, reading only the funnies. He could read, all right, but the depth of certain subjects escaped him; the newspaper used long words he didn’t know. Going out with Jody not Judy anxious. Life was simpler when one didn’t have to worry about hygiene, conversation and good manners all in one.

The alarm clock rattled away on top of the cheap chest of drawers, reminding Lon to pick up Jody not Judy next door. Dinner was scheduled for eight o’clock, reservations made at the restaurant down the street; Ryan took care of that before leaving.


I wish I were taller, he thought. Everybody is taller than I am. Jody is three inches taller and I’ll look stupid next to her.


At seven-fifty he knocked on the adjoining door, secretly wishing for no answer. The clicking of high heel shoes could be heard, the door swinging open a minute later.

“Good evening, Miss Jody. Are you ready to go or do you want me to wait. I can do that outside if you want.”

Jody shook her head, turning to close the door. Her dress was red with hardly anything covering her back; her high heels made Lon look even shorter; actually he had no idea about the color of her dress since he had always been color blind. The design of her outfit allowed one very shapely leg to peak out of the slit in the dress, black silk stockings and a red garter the finishing touches to her ensemble.

“Let’s just go, Lonnie,” Jody managed to say without any enthusiasm.

He offered her his arm but she pushed it away. He’d seen that in a movie and thought it was what he was supposed to do. The pair walked down the steps of the hotel and into the street, Jody towering over him with her high heel shoes. Lon adjusted his position on the sidewalk toward the street side, something he heard about being proper when walking a lady.

“Very nice evening,” Lon struggled to say. “Fine weather, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, yeah, I guess so,” she answered.

“Mr. Cole said the restaurant is your favorite, right?”

“It’s okay; not as good as the places where I used to live. Back there they had exciting food, food that was hot and spicy.” Jody sighed. “Oh Lonnie, I’d like to go back there some day, maybe when things cool down.”

“You like cold weather?”

“No, you idiot, not talking about the weather. There are a few people there who wouldn’t take kindly to me, business problems you might say.”

He didn’t take offence at the idiot comment; Lon was used to being called names, though Ryan was nicer in that respect.

They arrived at Tanner’s Steak and Ale, Jody walking a pace ahead of Lon the short distance to the restaurant. She opened the door before Lon could reach it, thrusting herself inside as if she were alone. He followed like a wiped dog taking huge steps to keep up. The hostess grabbed two menus and walked them back to a booth, Lon hurrying to catch up.

There was no ceremony when it came to ordering; Jody ordered what she always ordered, thick steak with baked potato. Lon opted for a steak as well.

“Drinks!” cued Jody. “We need drinks, lots of them, double martinis and keep ’em coming.”

“Oh, yeah, right. Mr. Cole said I should get some.”

Jody downed the first drink immediately, the second arriving a minute later. He suspected she wanted to get drunk by the way she was putting the booze away. Not to by unsociable Lon had a martini too, though his taste leaned toward beer. He didn’t like the taste but wanted to make a good impression. Ryan would be pleased to know how well he had taken care of Jody not Judy.

Long before the food arrived Jody was becoming giddy and seriously drunk, knocking over the saltshaker and a water glass. She immediately took a pinch of salt throwing it over one shoulder for good luck, dabbing at the water with an extra napkin. That didn’t curtail her from ordering more drinks. She stared at Lon, scanning him from top to bottom, snorting at the picture the two of them must pose.

“How old are you Lonnie?” she slurred.

“Seventeen on my last birthday, Miss Jody.”

“Oh, fuck that! Stop calling me Miss Jody; it sounds like I’m some southern belle with a stick up her ass.”

Shocked by her language, he lowered his head staring at the water ring underneath his glass.

“What do you want me to call you, then?”

“Jody is my name; leave the fuckin’ Miss out.”

“I can do that.”

“Let’s go back to the hotel and get us a bottle on the way,” she ordered. “It’ll be better if I have enough of booze onboard.”

“But we ain’t had dinner yet,” he reminded. “It should get here pretty soon, I think.”

“Screw the dinner,” she answered. “There are better things we can do in the room, more fun too. Then again, maybe not but we’ll work on it.”

The walk back was more of a stumble, Lon righting Jody not Judy, numerous times while she sang off key with bawdy lyrics. People on the street stepped aside avoiding the coarse woman and her short escort, some muttering disapproval; the mention of a half-breed and midget was one of them. Lon had only finished half of his martini, slightly light-headed when compared to her. He didn’t drink very much; Ryan disapproved of drinking while robbing, another rule he was careful to obey.

“I should get you to bed,” said Lon walking her up the hotel stairs, almost carrying her.

“That was the plan from what I was told,” replied Jody not Judy. “Let’s get it over with.”

The duo reached her room fumbling with the keys to open it, Lon offering to help.

“Easy little fella,” she slurred. “You’ll get what’s coming to you in a few minutes.”


The door swung open, Jody, not Judy slumped to the floor.

“We could do it here,” she said, trying to raise her head. “But the bed is a hell of a lot softer. Whatda ya think, Lonnie, baby?”

“Yeah, I agree the floor is pretty hard to sleep on, Miss Jody. I can help you to the bed, if you want.”

She wasn’t a big woman, though it took a lot of effort to hoist her to her feet. With his head under one arm, he moved her to the bed, releasing the limp woman on the sorry looking mattress with thump and squeak, the springs threatening to break through.

“Are you going to be okay?” he asked stepping away from the bed.

“Not yet,” she answered sitting up trying to unfasten her dress. “Help me with the damn thing!”

“I should leave, Miss Jody. You’re undressing and I don’t think I should be here.”

“Hold your pants on,” she returned, laughing at what she said. “No, no, drop them; Mama has something special for you.”

“Huh? Mr. Cole wouldn’t like it if I stayed.”

“Ha! It was Ryan’s idea in the first place; now, drop ‘em before I lose my nerve. Didn’t Ryan tell you to take care of me?”


“Well, take care of me,” she slurred leaning back on her elbow and spreading her thighs.

Embarrassed by the suggestion, it took a while before he complied with her directive, her eyes blinking to stay conscious. The sight before him was more than a simple fantasy; her body was perfect, if there was such a thing; his body involuntarily responded, letting Jody not Judy feast upon his hidden asset of a significant scope. She shook her head several times to clear it and opened her eyes wide.

“My, my, my little guy has some big surprises in store for me. I think I’m in love.”

She really didn’t mean what she said, though it was the kind of thing he expected if he ever did fall in love with someone. This wasn’t love, the entire performance taking less than ten minutes. Lon was realizing fantasies he hadn’t ever dreamt about, while Jody not Judy used him to full advantage, quite vocal about it. Another attempt was made a few minutes later with a third before Jody, not Judy passed out, the alcohol taking full effect. With the stealth of a cat, Lon put on his pants and tiptoed back to his room, locking the door behind him, afraid of what Ryan might say when he found out.

The performance was repeated the next night without alcohol, Jody insisting on it. Lon expressed his concern to Jody not Judy and the faithlessness of their act, although she claimed it was a gift and Ryan. Ryan was clever enough to know that a young man exposed to a talented woman will most likely want to stick around in the event there was a repeat of those delights.

Lon had his doubts; it didn’t make sense to him since Jody was still Ryan’s girlfriend. Why would it be okay letting her have sex with him? Too many questions without answers, Lon not being comfortable with unresolved things. Perhaps there were circumstances in life that were best not questioned, especially with this particular activity.


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